How to communicate in video to respond to social media best practices


In the current digital era we live in, it is fundamental to adapt the way we communicate on video to respond to the emerging needs of social media platforms. Within digital, information spreads out very fast, and thus, to be constantly updated, it is priority to amplify and adapt our communication to video support, as well as analyzing where to post the video.


What are the rules to follow in the creation of video content?

Short videos are currently a tendency and they are being used more often. As such, adapting our message requires us to limit our presentation to a certain limit. By communicating in social media platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, and in order to successfully use this support as Video Marketing, we should have in consideration that:

  • The maximum time does not overpass 5-6 minutes per video;
  • A dynamic speech is maintained;
  • Our body language is the correct one to keep the audience focused on our message;

Social Media allows us to speed up the process of sharing content.


When we do our personal branding or when we promote our company, it is extremely useful to complement the bigger video with shorts teasers on Facebook and Instagram. The use of these teasers will contribute to the audience´s curiosity towards the content and will consequently lead them to the main video.

For the teasers to have the aimed effect, there are certain aspects to be considered:

  • A call to action should be used, inviting the followers to assist to the whole video where we transmit our message in detail;
  • Respect the mandatory limit of 15 seconds when we post a story;
  • If it is a post and not a story to introduce our topic, we can create a more elaborated topic that should still have a duration between 15 and 30 seconds.

Teasers allow to create curiosity for the audience in relation to the final product.


What are the advantages of communicating through video?

 When we start to produce this content, we need to understand the we do not have to be necessarily Youtubers to be doing it. We should remember that, by showing our face to the audience, we are creating a connection with those individuals who assist to our speech. This proximity is not easily obtainable in a written support, as we do not have an image associated. However, we do have lack of confidence to do these videos, and we have the idea that all editing needed for a quality video will require much effort. Therefore, we put the idea o the side. However, we should think about the following benefits:

  • Social platforms help us to spread the more human side of our company or project; They transmit genuinely;
  • Allow the message to go beyond the commercial image;
  • Gives us visibility – the audience is assisting directly to the face behind the company;
  • We inspire confidence to the audience, which will increase exponentially our credibility.

By presenting ourselves on video, we transmit to the audience the sensation of proximity and confidence, which increases our credibility.

 As a final note, we should have into account that a short and catchy description to boost our self-promotion on video is important. This short description should not contain more than 30 words, answering directly to what people will see on the video.