Where to post your video promoting your company or yourself?


Video: Where to start?

When we think about producing a certain video for our digital self-branding, it is important to evaluate and define our goal accordingly. As such, it is fundamental that we consider all aspects of the video: what we are going to do, how are we going to do it in the most adequate way. Never losing the focuses on our final goal that led us to produce that video.

  • Do we want to increase the target-audience?
  • Do we want to connect to more people?
  • Or is the goal to educate our audience about our skills?
  • Or is it really our goal to promote our company´s services?

The use of social media allows us to achieve high visibility.


How and where to post?

Independently of our goal, there are a few places initially where we should always consider to have our videos.

  • Our website:

If we have a company and we want to promote ourselves, doing it through our own website can be extremely valuable. Within the website, it is important to not only have a presentation video, but also to include different approaches, such as demonstrating some level of knowledge within the industry.

Including video will help to increase the comprehension of the product or service, and in the end, it will create a higher connection with the audience that sees us as the faces behind the brand.


  • On our main social media channels:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn are fundamental website to share our video content.

The use of social media allows us to reach a higher visibility.


Note: In  contrast to the website videos – mainly oriented to YouTube and Vimeo – it is important to remember that these videos should be mainly teasers or very short, captivating versions that can be strategically used for digital advertising and to boost the dissemination of our content.


Social media that help us for our video´s promotion:

Going one step further within the digital tools to promote ourselves or our companies, here is a set of social media channels that will help us to reach our goals.

Social. media channels connect us to the world and are also intra-connected, thus creating a high reach.

  • Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:

Immediately recognized by its popularity, these channels are essential to attract more users to our service or product offers, and they are also great for advertising. Both organic advertising – posting consistently – as well as paid advertising – attributing a certain budget to highlight the posts according to segments – are key for us to position ourselves within the market.


  • Tumblr:

Mainly through visual resources and hashtags, tumblr allows the transformation of videos into GIFs to be a great way to interact with the audience within the platform.  


  • Yelp:

As a first place for new visitors to look for information’s about our business, Yelp can contribute for our awareness within the corporate world. A good video content, well produced, allows us to highlight ourselves and consequently we can open the chance of initiating new relationships with clients.


  • Reddit:

Apart from having millions of users, Reddit allows us to interact with communities around our topics of interest or the industries to which we are related to. Here, it is important to be active within the community, in order to contribute as much as possible to posting videos within the desired/aimed communities.


  • LinkedIn: 

Professional social media platform prioritizes video content, and posting videos within our accounts has become an indicator of a successful profile.


  • Youtube and Vimeo:

Posting in these tools does not mean just posting occasionally. These platforms, if used correctly – weekly or at least bi weekly – can be a great way to involve visitors and to create a solid community, thus becoming powerful tools to connect within the digital sphere.


  • Pinterest:

While not all companies will be interested in Pinterest, this platform allows us to look for creativity and inspiration, which will help us to position ourselves visually with our communication. This tool is specially attractive to sectors such as lifestyle, beauty, fashion, culture and cooking.


  • Medium:

While we may have our own blog in our personal or our company´s website, reposting on Medium allows for a connection to happen with the specific community within the platform, which can attract more unique visitants to read our content.  

Interaction, involvement and sharing are great triggers of a higher visibility.

      In this article we present some of the tools that we consider absolutely useful to use when posting an article or video promoting our work or our company´s work. We should never under estimate the enormous reach that these tools allow us to have. Using them is a powerful digital strategy for the video and other content we produce.

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