How to communicate the CV in video ?


 Video, as  a fundamental marketing tool for brands that are already established or start-ups positioning themselves still within the market, becomes increasingly also an important tool for each one of us to differentiate between several candidates applying to a job position.

Video CV, as a personal marketing tool, distinguishes a candidate to a job due to the verbal and non-verbal communication used within that same video.

Making a video CV allows us to differentiate ourselves from other job applicants as we immediately communicate with the recruiter verbally and non-verbally.

The requirements needed for the production and editing of a CV in video format may move us away from using this personal branding digital strategy. The idea of creating a video takes immediately into account creativity and exposition on camera, to which we may not be prepared.

However, beyond certain basic rules for the production and edition of that same video CV, the way we communicate. our message, in case of our curriculum, may be key for success. And as such, having in consideration different plans and scenarios becomes irrelevant due to the short time that we should have for the video CV – 1 to 2 minutes.

In a clean aesthetic, the way we. communicate in front of the cameras should take into. account, like a guide, the following steps:   

  • There needs to be a preparation in order for the communication to be projected to the public in a natural way. The reading of the written script, in case this script is not memorized, has to be unnoticeable for the audience through a good use of a teleprompter. As presenters, we need to maintain our eye contact with our audience, that will see us through the camera that is filming us. Similarly, the non verbal speech needs to be synced with the verbal speech, to create dynamism in the video and maintain our audience focused on our message.
  • The video CV should be customized, which means that the one size fits all technique does not work here, for a market that is more and more competitive, in which, even communicating through video, companies still need to understand that we are communicating to them. If a CV that was sent on PDF should already be customized to certain company, then the video CV will have to be even more, in order to guarantee. the quality of our speech within the stipulated time we have for it. It is important to have quality rather then only quantity.
  • The video CV needs to follow a logical structure. In order to do so, we need to select the essential components of our speech – experiences, skills and benefits for the company – and work on them in a harmonious way, connecting them. The benefits depend on our skills that were acquired through our experiences. It is within this logical structure that our added value is located.

A prepared, personalised and logically structured video CV has all the characteristics to be a success and win over the recruiter.


A video CV that is prepared, personalized, and with a logical structure, has all the characteristics that it needs to be successful, and conquer the recruiter.

In terms of production, to guarantee maximum efficiency after making sure all preparation is in place, we need to guarantee four essential parts:

  • In terms of lightning, we need to make sure that shadows are eliminated. The use of supports and backdrop can help us in the sense of incorporating lightning that allow us to remove shadows behind us. Using side illumination is also. essential, so that the focus is on us, and nothing else.
  • The sound, that should not be from the camera directly, but from the external lapel microphone. Through the use of this microphone, the sound will be more clear, without a background noise or echo.  
  • Our position, that is, creating a sufficient distance from the camera in order to be able to communicate verbally and non verbally, which is essential to create dynamism.
  • The height of the camera which, through the support, should be adjusted to our height, either if we are doing our speech standing or sitting.
  • The communication in a video CV allows us to communicate in a brief and assertive way, being it much more advantageous comparing to the paper curriculum.

The video CV allows us to communicate in a brief and assertive way and is much more advantageous than the common paper CV.

Communicating the CV through video is an excellent and innovative way to promote ourselves and. to differentiate ourselves. However, in order to be impactful, we need not only to produce and edit the video, but also to plan all our communication for that moment. And this is where DMT comes in, to help you do this in a brilliant way!


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