In a world more connected than ever before, where the media grow exponentially with the new digital reality, it becomes fundamental to know how to communicate holistically.


Competition between companies leads to the necessity of a differentiation point for success. More than communicating what the company does, what are the services done by it, it matters to deeply understand who is the company.


Who makes the business possible, turning their professional dream into a reality? Who supports the project and works to achieve the business vision as if it was his/her own company?


In parallel, entrepreneurs or all of those who seek new professional challenges understand the current necessity of spreading their personal and professional message to position themselves in the market. Whether on stage, next to journalists or in social media, it has never been so important to know how to work the pitch by creating impact next to investors, employers, employees, the media and the public.  


Disruptive Media Training exists in order to answer to the needs of human-to-human communication in an increasingly demanding and competitive market, where personal branding and storytelling become fundamental tools for success.


As a communication consultancy with an international vision, our team is is specialized in supporting clients from all over the world through a service of online and offline communication. We specialize in video as key element in the market to increase engagement next to stakeholders.


Prepared for the current challenges of new generations such as Millenials and Generation Z, the DMT team works transversally with its clients to turn the objectives into a reality for the new tough communicational demands from companies and the market.