The word Disruptive is at the genesis of our brand.

We are


We deconstruct the concept of Media Training to bring a new approach to an increasingly digital market. A market in which communication with the media cannot only be analyzed from the point of view of the relationship with journalists, but all those who can, through digital platforms, deliver their message to their audience.


It is with all those who want to communicate effectively to different online audiences in mind that we have developed training and services focused on communication in front of the cameras. Whether for promotional videos – as ambassadors for their own brands or as professionals looking to enter a new market – or for innovative formats on the market such as webinars and direct on various social platforms.


Although online communication is fundamental and skills should be developed accordingly, public speaking, live and in front of an audience, continues to have a prominent place. For this reason, we work on public speaking skills thinking about the different audiences our clients want to communicate with – from job interviews, to lectures and conferences.


We frame the communication objectives according to the intended target audience, and we support the different stages of the speech – before, during and after the presentation.


We collaborate with different entities, academic and corporate, working on communication in a transversal way, creating synergies between students and professionals.


Networking is, together with disruption, the basis of our work. Through our trainings, we are committed to interactivity between trainees so that professional opportunities are developed between the parties.

When in Doubt, Choose Change.


We know that communication is at the base of mastering many other skills.


We want to support our customers, first and foremost, to feel more confident when they are challenged to make presentations, whether these presentations are digital or live.


But it is not just our customers’ trust that we aim to develop.


We want to support leadership through creative communication tools, which allow current and future leaders to have a greater impact on the transmission of their message.


These creative tools, which have a theoretical basis, are continually worked on in practical cases, whether in training at DMT or in the other services we provide in the areas of Public Speaking and Media Training.


Finally – and perhaps the most important skill that precedes all the others we have mentioned so far – we want to support you in the field of persuasion. Persuasion is at the base of strategic communication, and as such, any project must take into account how to effectively work the different persuasive elements.

Our Mission

Motivated people who work for extraordinary people and brands.