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  • Disruptive Media Training responds to requests for information within 24 hours. after the request has been submitted.

  • Yes. Although we have a specific Public Speaking service and a specific Media Training service, our individual trainings and our courses are designed for all those who want to work on their communication, even if they do not have a specific objective.

  • Yes. Although we sell our services independently, we also have packages that include our two Speaking Public or Media Training services at a lower price than the individual purchase of each service. Fully learn more about the conditions by sending an email to

  • Yes. Although we have courses open to the public, we also accept groups of 5-8 people from an entity. For this, we just need the company in question to gather the minimum number of participants for training and a DMT can create a personalized course for the company in question.

  • No. Although our courses have logically lower prices compared to individual training, we work with academic entities across the country, and therefore we have associated discounts that can be enjoyed by most students. To learn more, you can email us at

  • Our video production takes place in our studio, in Lisbon, at Rua Agostinho Neto, number 18J. We have in our studio all the tools for your video production (including telepoint). However, if you wish to carry out your video production elsewhere with a DMT, you can indicate this to us via email

  • Yes, DMT supports networking events internationally. In case of support at an event abroad, please contact our team at

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