What is the service?

The service face to face monitoring in video productions is a service that aims to support the client in the promotional video production of his company/project or self-branding video (such as a video CV). This service can also be extended to the support in the preparation for an interview with the media.

DMT aims to assure that all necessary components for the success in the transmission of the message – both verbal and non verbal – are present.


How is the service delivered?

The client goes to DMT´s studio, where his promotional video is produced. This video is then edited by DMT, in order to include effective digital supports for the transmission of our message. Alternatively, in case of support for interviews with the media, the client is accompanied to the venue by DMT, and the adequate image for the moment is analyzed, considering the clothing, accessories and colors to be used. This same image consultancy is done by DMT for the video production with the brand. 

In the studio, DMT will support with all the production as well as adapting verbal and non verbal communication. In case the client has an interview with the media, DMT will support at the venue, serving as a bridge between the journalist and the speaker, understanding the frame that the media wants to give to the interview.

Through the gathering and analysis of the information, DMT aims to support the client in strategically shape the communication to the aimed format.


For whom is the service most relevant?

The service is most relevant to businessmen, entrepreneurs, freelancers or any other professionals that aim to improve their digital self-branding. It is also aimed  to the same groups, in case a media interview is made for a TV show or online.


What is the duration of the service?

The service has a maximum duration of 12 hours, that includes all the support in the filming day, of a maximum of 8 hours.


In it, the image consultancy and adaptation of the message according to the format are included, but also, if applicable, the mediation of DMT with interviewers to understand the framing that the media wants to give.

In case it is an interview with media, 4 hours can be also included previously to the recording day for gathering and analysis of information of the news media that will be sent to the client.


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