What is the service?

The service face to face monitoring in events aims to support the client in the day he presents himself in front of his audience.

DMT wants to make sure that all necessary components for the success in the transmission of the message to the public – both verbal and non verbal – are present.


How is the service delivered?

The client is accompanied by the company to the event. The adequate image to the moment is analysed, more specifically the clothing, accessories and colours to be used.

In the venue where the filming will take place, the company will help ensure that essential elements of non verbal communication are considered brief moments before the presentation starts, to guarantee the maximum confidence, in tune with an effective verbal message.

DMT will also ensure a support in the establishment of relevant contacts for the client, thus guaranteeing that the client takes the maximum profit from his participation in the event.


For whom is the service most relevant?

The service is most relevant for students who present their final academic projects, but also businessmen, academics and freelancers that will do a presentation in public, in events such as conferences, lectures or similar formats.


What is the duration of the service?

The service has a maximum duration of 12 hours. This includes all the support in the event day of until 8 hours. Also, a previous image consultancy is given, in order to adjust the message according to the format. 

Beyond the personalised support during the day of the event, 4 hours will be given before the day of the event for gathering and analysis of the type of event, presence of certain companies / individuals who are relevant in terms of business connections.


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