What is the service?

The service Presentation Training Recorded Simulations is a support service for the communication skills of the client that will put him in front of cameras, so that the client can, for himself, simulate his performance in front of the cameras.

The client will have the simulations recorded to auto-evaluate himself after the filming. And, during the training, the client will be guided in order to, according to the verbal message he will transmit, adapt himself to the necessities of his non verbal communication.


How is the service delivered?

The client goes, in a specific day, agreed between both parties – company and client – to a studio with the prepared script for his presentation. In alternative, this can also be done online.

There will be a pre-simulation presentation from the company´s side with written material and practical exercises in which the client will learn how to optimise his body language in accordance to the message, adjusting communication elements such as the tone of voice and the gestures to the message that will be transmitted.

After the pre-simulation stage, the client will be recorded, recording his message in a total of 3 times. Between each recording adjustments will be made to adjust the tone of voice and the body language. The third recording should be the final and this recording will be held by the client to revise.

The client has a second encounter with the company whether on studio or online a week after, having reviewed the video and the written material that was delivered in the previous week and practiced by himself the presentation of his speech with all information provided.
In this second simulation, the client will again be in front of the cameras, and it will be asked from him to apply the obtained knowledge.

In this second simulation, the client will again be recorded in front of a camera practicing his speech, and it will be expected from him to apply his previous knowledge from the first recording and material provided for study. Final recommendations will then be given, and the simulation will be recorded 1-3 times, depending on the clients performance.

The final version, whether on the first, second or third trial, will be sent to the client and he will then have a clear guide until the moment of his presentation in front of the cameras.


For whom is the service most relevant?

The service is most relevant to students who will present an academic project such as a master or PhD presentation, academics or businessmen who will present their speech at a conference, lectura or other event in a similar format.


What is the duration of the service?

The service has the minimum duration of 6 hours and the maximum duration of 8 hours, divided in 1 week time.

In the first week the client will have the first half, 4 hours, in studio or online with the company. In the second week he will have the second half, that will last between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the necessity of adjustments.

The client should thus guarantee that all training is initiated two weeks prior to the recordings to make sure that, until the conclusion of the training, he will have one week to review the final version as practice.


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