What is the service?

The service script preparation is a support service in the logical structure of the text, developed for public presentation, to communicate in all sorts of corporate or academic events. More specifically, speeches prepared for conferences, job interviews, lectures and academic projects.

The logical structure refers to the 3 essential components of the speech that will be presented, the introduction, development and conclusion. Within this clear division of the text in different parts, the use of certain sound bytes – message supports such as stylistic resources and key words to guarantee maximum effectiveness when transmiting a solid and credible speech – are evaluated.


How is the service delivered?

The client, after a first briefing in a video-call where he explains the purpose of his speech and the points to highlight in his message, sends a first draft in which, using his own words, presents his initial ideas.

In the first draft that is sent to the company, the client only sends out the key points of his message, to which suggestions are sent back in order to be able to develop a text already. That text should be sent back to the company, that will evaluate and reorganise that same text to optimise, according to verbal communication techniques, the aimed message.

After the corrections have been made from the company´s side, the version is again sent to the client. The client will then on his side evaluate and send corrections, in case he considers that a review will be necessary. The company will then proceed with the final changes and send the finished version of the text.


For whom is the service most relevant?

The service is most relevant to students who will present their final academic projects, academics or businessmen who present their speeches in lectures, conferences or similar events. Also, any individual who is actively looking for new job opportunities and is therefore in a job interviews stage.


What is the duration of the service?

The duration of the service is of 15 days minimum and 45 days maximum.

The client should, 15 days before the presentation of the speech, communicate to the company the interest of producing a script in collaboration with the company. By doing so, the company can be assured that all production and revisions of the script from both parties are developed.

The client has a maximum of 45 days before the final version of the script is ready to elaborate and review the structure and contents with the company.

The client needs to take into consideration that the evaluation and adaptation of the scripts from DMT´s side, as being developed in certain stages, requires a minimum of 3 days between them. This means that, from the moment that the client initiates his work with the company, he should be available to make observations, revisions and comments to the content in a time frame of 2 days.


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