What is the service?

The service support in the approach to relevant contacts is a service that aims to support the client after his intervention day in front of an audience when following up business or academic connections for the establishment of partnerships, selling of services or products, advertising, mentoring or any other motivations that can led the client into wanting to establish communication with different sources.


How is the service delivered?

After the establishment of relevant contacts, DMT will analyse, next to the client, how to approach those same contacts in an effective way.

DMT aims to support the client in a way that, through his message, the client manages to build a business relationship with the aimed contacts. This is achieved by planning an active, strategic communication. 


For whom is the service most relevant?

The service is most relevant for businessmen, academics and freelancers that present themselves in front of an audience, in events such as conferences, lectures or similar formats.


What is the duration of the service?

The service has the maximum duration of 8 hours.

1. 4 sessions of 1 hour each with the client in virtual meetings in which different communicative approaches are discussed with the aimed contacts. An active follow up with the client in the development of the communication with its clients is done to ensure a monitorized follow-up.

2. 1 hour between each session, so that DMT can analyse the communication between the client and his contacts, to advise the client in terms of next steps.


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