Vasco Araújo


Vasco Araújo is the founder of Disruptive Media Training. As a communication coach, Vasco has already had the opportunity to work with dozens of different institutions in strategic communication training.


Being linked to both the academic and business worlds, Vasco has created synergies between different students, professionals and institutions, through continuous training in communication.

Vasco has four main themes regarding the areas in which he is best qualified – strategic communication. These qualifications, which were acquired during an extensive academic training in communication (undergraduate, master and ongoing doctorate), as well as through specific professional training in strategic communication (London College of Public Speaking; Reinaldo Polito Institute São Paulo; Chartered Institute of Public Relations) supported the development of a method and know how, according to the following areas:
Persuasion: Communicating with Impact
On Camera: Video Content Creation
Communicating effectively in the Academic Environment: from the Master's Final Presentation to the Doctorate

Vasco's Speeches

From 30 minutes to 2 hours. Contact us for communication training at your institution in the following areas!

Persuasion: communicating with impact

– The elements of persuasion applied to practice;
– Knowing the audience: segmentation;
– Preparation of the speech.

On camera: video content creation

– Self-branding: visibility and exposure in digital;
– Non-verbal communication on camera;
– Digital video formats: webinars, e-meetings and direct.

Communicating effectively in academia: from the final master’s presentation to the doctorate

– Working on feedback in academia;

– Academic presentation: structure and content;
– Academic writing organization

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